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Lebanon pulls out of eurovision over israeli ban


An Israel-based human rights organization says that the 2014 Lebanon Olympics will go ahead without a Palestinian player and a Palestinian boycott of the event over its ties with the Israeli government has led to a ban on the Games.

Municipality of Jerusalem (MDA) issued a statement on Thursday claiming that a petition against "the Israeli government's decision" on a Palestinian player has been rejected by the municipal Council. The municipal Council's decision to boycott the Games and the event's participation by non-Jewish players was the second time since 2012 that Jerusalem's municipal authorities decided not to participate in a political event sponsored by Israel.

The petition calls on the Israeli government to grant a Palestinian player a special passport so that his team would have an Israeli passport. The petition also asked MDA to stop the boycott against the Lebanese sports teams, but MDA says that is not possible, as the MDA's policies do not allow them to interfere in the national, religious or local affairs of any other state or in its decision not to accept a special passport.

The international governing body, UEFA, which organizes the competitions, will decide after next week on whether or not to extend the event.

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The Palestinian boycott of the games came under intense criticism in 2013 after the U.S. Congress voted to cut funding for an organization working to promote Palestinian human rights, the Palestinian Sports and Cultural Center.

The $1 million was approved as part of the UN funding for the Palestinian Sports and Cultural Center, which funds and organizes Palestinian participation in the global sports, and Palestinian teams in sports for other countries, which is prohibited under international law.

The Palestinian Center for Sports and Culture said the U.S. decision was a "direct and flagrant violation of international law."

The vote was also opposed by an Arab player, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, who is currently an Israeli national team member. Abu Khdeir's national team will represent Palestine in the World Championships in Israel next year.
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Glitch leaves nsw telstra broadband consumers with nothing less than the most significant internet experience in Australia."

A Telstra spokesman said: "This is a tough decision for people using our network for the first time. We are looking at what will happen as we transition.

"We are working closely with NBN Co and all stakeholders to deliver an upgrade of Telstra's Fibre to the Premises networks as quickly as possible to help us provide the best network for our customers."

The announcement comes after an NAB show in Perth, where Malcolm Turnbull pledged $300 million to build new copper networks over five years.
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Canberra hospital set to get accreditation for clinical care

An internal hospital report has revealed the potential impact of funding cuts on Canberra's clinical infrastructure.

The report by the Hospital Integrity Unit (HUI) found hospitals could be forced to cut costs through outsourcing the care of patients.

The hospital is set to gain accreditation to offer patient care through the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme.

The report also reveals the potential impact of funding cuts on the infrastructure of Canberra Hospital.

A report of the HUI report was released today at the Canberra hospital.

The hospital was ordered into administration after three years of underfunding by Canberra City Council.

The council received over A$200 million (US$195 million) in taxpayer funding, but the Hospital Integrity Unit was ordered to investigate whether Canberra Hospital had breached the public trust Act or had failed to comply with its obligations as an Australian health unit.

This resulted in the HUI finding that the institution's financial health was in danger.

In the report, the Hospital Integrity Unit identified a number of areas where patient care was affected and recommended action to improve the quality of patient care and improve outcomes for patients.

The report noted patients were often unaware of care available to them.

The HUI said staff were sometimes at risk of having medical equipment broken or misused.

However, the report said the Hospital Integrity Unit had not yet identified any evidence of this being the case.

In the interim, the HUI recommended that Canberra hospital implement new measures to improve its quality of care.

The report recommended that Canberra hospital increase services and address the health service funding gap to provide services to a "better community".

For now, the HUI recommended that, "despite the need for funding, and despite the need for increased patient and public health care, the hospital should continue to provide the best patient and public health care possible at a cost level comparable to comparable services in other Australia-wide health and social care institutions".

The report concluded the hospital should seek federal funding to enhance its ability to provide patient care and implement the recommendations.

Hospital has until December 2 to respond.

ACT chief executive Michael Rakell said the results of the report were "encouraging".

He said it called for Canberra to find a way to deliver better patient care.

"The Government is also fully supportive of any recommendations that may be sought to improve our patient care. For example, as it applies to Canberra we need to increase the services that we provide, reduce costs in our existing network and implement the recommendations of the HUI report for patient care which the Government has stated is in the interests of the hospital."

The Health Minister, Joe Hockey
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Tobacco packaging, but then they added a little extra flavor with this package of cigarettes. The taste didn't change all that much after smoking an average of 50 smokeless cigarettes per day (and maybe less) for two weeks. I found that it tastes better with a pack or 2. The difference was quite noticeable. The nicotine content was about the same. The flavor doesn't taste all that different.

I also noticed that the cigars didn't have the same flavor profile as before. When I first tried them they were very full and did not feel oily or rubbery like I would have expected, but the tobacco itself had gotten a bit soft and had a more sweet flavor. It was certainly not a "wow factor" for me.


As a long time smoker (five years or more), I don't think I'd be able to recommend a smoking alternative to cigarettes, but I am sure others who aren't aware of it can give them a try. While there are some benefits for smoking that include quitting smoking entirely, I find some of the extra enjoyment with a pack and a cup of coffee will likely outweigh the drawbacks of being without smoking for extended periods of time. However, I do believe it's important for smokers, and especially those with the chronic problems of the disease, to try smoking, even if they find it uncomfortable.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know!
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